My love was a captive bird.

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Maybe someday you may make a mistake…

and wander into my streets, by mistake, my love.

My love remained inside, unsaid, captive in my heart,

Never got a chance to be free and flowing like a

Meandering carefree stream.

It just fluttered inside like a captive bird, and then

Sat quietly, hopeless and giving up.

Longingly I looked for the blue,

The blue of your eyes, the blue of your smile.

The sun set and closed another day.

And I asked you yet again,

Cant I be with you for a while,

I don’t ask a lifetime, for that is too long,

Stay and hold me close and let me feel your heart

Beating near my face,

Under the shade of the tree lets sit,

And forget time, age and place…


Us din aasman nila tha… a poem in Hindi.Love

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Aasman kuch nila nila sa tha..
Hawa kuch badli thi,
dhoop thi kuch dhimi dhimi
hawa kuch ruki ruki si thi.
Tumhara saath par tha
jo ki sabse pyari thi
Kuch der aur ruk jaate,
to baat kya khub thi.
Par nahi ruki wo dopahar
na mere liye na tumhare liye
lautna tha humen jahan se
aaye the hum, phir apne raaste
chal diye tum, chal diye hum,
bas rah gayi wo saath tumhari
tumhare saath chale kuch chand


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Yes, you can forget me. I am just the dust.

I floated like the white clouds which got

lost in the sighing wind.

I am like the water which loses shape

When its poured out the glass.

I am ephemeral, fleeting, now here, then gone.

I am like the distant moon which you see

From time to time, yawning, tired from a days’ work,

Useless, beautiful and lifeless. You don’t need me.

I am like the sun which burns just for you,

Whose warmth you need on cold days,

But otherwise forgotten.

I am like the ghost unseen,  

Invisible, unwanted, dead.

Yes, you can forget me,  for I have forgotten myself.

My Mom…When you left me.

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Mom, I looked at the world through your eyes,

I still do, You live inside me, You are not gone,

Now I know, there was never a me, there was only you,

And there was a bit of me inside, but it was merged with you,

And I am a bit of you and a bit of me,

I hear the songs of the age bygone, and live there.

I never lived in this world, because I lived with you,

In your world, in your hopes, and your dreams,

And now that you are no more, I look at this world,

Without you, my world, a new world.

I have to find my way again, though I am lost,

I held your hands for so long, and one day you took them away,

I saw you go, and I could do nothing, I let you go,

And my tears dropped like they would never stop,

And every night was blacker than it was,

And every day was greyer than it was,

And now I know that you left yourself inside me…

And that what is me…is just a bit of me…and rest is all you.