My love was a captive bird.

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Maybe someday you may make a mistake…

and wander into my streets, by mistake, my love.

My love remained inside, unsaid, captive in my heart,

Never got a chance to be free and flowing like a

Meandering carefree stream.

It just fluttered inside like a captive bird, and then

Sat quietly, hopeless and giving up.

Longingly I looked for the blue,

The blue of your eyes, the blue of your smile.

The sun set and closed another day.

And I asked you yet again,

Cant I be with you for a while,

I don’t ask a lifetime, for that is too long,

Stay and hold me close and let me feel your heart

Beating near my face,

Under the shade of the tree lets sit,

And forget time, age and place…


Deep darkness..

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Each day I can see myself die
Just a little each day,
Losing the sparkle in my eye
Just a little each day,
No, I dare not think of it,
for fear I will just sit and cry,
So I smile with my honey lips
The smile of a ghost, who was
dead long ago,
Died in the monotony of everyday chores
and dishes to be washed,
and daily dinners and lunches,
There was no time to live,
to paint the beautiful skies,
in colors of blue, and yellow and gold,
There was only the boiling pot,
of meat, and potatoes and beans,
rice and tomatoes and spices,
colors of brown, red, and green,
They washed each day away,
and ushered in the darkness,
The moon was just a ghostly light,
Not to be looked at for long,
With smiling eyes, hands touched by warm hands,
Yes, I die each day little by little,
Each day the same as the day past,
The colors are gone to the faraway land
of smiles, and laughter, and sunshine,
and I can only see them, when I sleep
my darkest sleep, one day.

Meri duniya..teri duniya.

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Tumhare liye the ansoon.

Jinka mol magar kuch nahi tha.

Bas bathe the apni dhun mein..

Kabhi shaamon ko kabhi subah

Tum the apne khayalon mein

Rangeen thi tumhari duniya

Dost the tumhare bahot…

Khamosh thi magar..meri duniya

Na awaaz koi, na hi koi umang..

Bas yaadein thi tumhari..aur wohi

thi meri choti si duniya..

I am the color of night

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I am the color of night, shrouded in blue
Walls around me, windows so few,
Stillness unbroken, silent and eternal.
I stand alone, unyielding, unsmiling,
I touch no one and no one touches me,
I am the color of night.

Darkness is real, everything else a illusion,
Feel the dark, stifling, closing on you,
Loneliness is beautiful, because you can be you,
Embrace it, it is your only true friend,
Constant, forever.

Silence all around, stillness unbroken,
Still is your heart, unheard but beating,
Stay quiet and you can hear the bird
And the whisper of the trees,
And there is nothing more you need.

Voices are harsh, they are not needed,
They are all lonely, they don’t touch you,
Nor you them, they don’t need you.
You don’t need those eyes, those weary faces.
Ah, youth, temporary, ephemeral
One day will fade away, and all will be grey.

Be the color of night, melt into it,
Cover yourself in the inky murkiness
And fade out, like the lights do when they
are turned off.
Sleep then on your bed, tired and happy.
Alone at last for eternity.


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Sometimes you meet someone who takes you back to what you were, and you see yourself in them. But they don’t see you as you were, they only have a sense of what you were, but you try to mask it and cloak it. That’s what brought you together , but he tries and can’t see the real you, because you are unable to show your true self under the layers of fakness and fear you have accumulated over the years.  I want to say to you : “What you thought of me, that is what I am.  What you saw me as, that is not me, not what I truly am. I could not be my true self.You…Are my reflection…of my hidden real self.”

How do you move on..

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How do you move on with life

When life does not want you?

How do you keep walking?

When the ground beneath you has sunk?

How do you wake up everyday?

When your sun is not there?

How do you look at the night sky?

When the stars have gone out?

How do you feel the breeze?

When you cannot feel anymore?

How do you live?

When you are already dead?…

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Hey how are you today?? No, don’t answer that cos I already know the answer. Are you thinking why your husband or boyfriend left the home without saying bye? Or why your wife or girlfriend slept on while you crept out of the house at early dawn to catch the bus or train to work? Did you listen to your favorite song while sipping your coffee which you got from Dunkin’s while driving or just idly gazing at the trees on a train? And when you reached your workplace did you just start working and kept out all these thoughts about why noone cares, or noone loves you? Yet, when the day was done, there they were again, the feelings of being alone without a soul to connect with….Did you stare at the faces online, on FB, on Instagram, your favorite singers, actors, and tried to see if you could connect with someone? And yet you felt no, noone really cares. If yes, I thought maybe I should let you know, I am thinking of you today, and I am wondering how you are. And wondering if you are feeling loved and cared for..dont become a stone and cry today if you feel like…

Sending my love to this world…loving the world..and its people today….and you out there…connect with someone today…care for somene or some event which happened…dont be a stone…share your feelings, your heart or maybe just your food, :)…