Terrace House..Boys and Girls in the City

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After going through a brief spell of feeling like I am totally disenchanted with all movies, all shows and basically most of the things in life in general, including food, I was suddenly pleasantly revitalized by this Japanese reality show about 6 people living in a house and their relationships. I live in USA, but I feel the emotional quotient is pretty low among westerners, or maybe I just don’t feel it because its expressed differently. Anyway, so I was missing that emotional connect with life around me, and this series ¬†gave me just that. I like the cultured, soft demeanour of the japanese people, about how they take their time to say or do things. Everything is well thought out. They are slow to react and slow to take decisions regarding relationships. And very sensitive to each others’ feelings and thoughts. So, yeah so for some time life looks brighter again. So, for sometime life looks brighter with Terrace House. Thank you Netflix!!


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