So tired of this fake s**t

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I am so tired of faking…fake world, fake smiles, fake pictures. There is no one who wants to share your pain. Not a single real friend in this world, or virtual world, who would be willing to scream and shout at this world, at all the dissapointments and pain. Noone who would be honest enough to admit that they are going through the same s**t, and that we should just sit together and admit it, rather than posting pictures with smiling faces, partying and group pictures, and pictures of food and travel and beautiful places. You post a song which is real, a song which talks about pain…and noone bl**dy likes it, while there must be 100 others going through that s**t. You post a pic about butterflies, and beautiful flowers and those same 100 fakers are going to like it, as if their life is all about those beautiful things and they hate to admit their real feelings, their real loneliness, and they don’t want to share it, cos they will appear weak. Why are we so afraid to share our moments of darkness or even like it? Though all of us go through it? Why does it always have to be so fake??


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