too much..too often..

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He would call her everyday or almost everyday. it became months, and then years. He still did not change. They moved away and lived in faraway states, and yet he would call her everyday. But the fun things they used to talk about, wihch used to make her laugh, slowly became boring. They became mundane, uninteresting. He was as attentive as before, but she started dreading the calls. She was tired of talking. She loved him still, so she didn’t want to hurt him. But its strange, that though he was always around, always attentive she felt her love fading.

So one day she told him “Do you want our love to be forever?” . He said, “Yes”. “Then don’t call everyday”. “But I like to talk to you everyday”, he said. But when he called he talked about his problems, and how he dreamt of becoming more successful, and his dreams, his big dreams. And it all started to become like a broken record which keeps playing over and over again. She did not tell him, “love is not easy. Love is a game. Love goes hand in hand with pain. Its the pain of longing, of missing someone. You have got to feel the pain of missing me, by not calling me. You have to let me have my space, to fill my heart with thoughts of you, of missing you, wondering what you are doing, whether you are thinking about me, or not. Love has to be unpredictable, not solid. It has to have the feeling of something soft, something pliable, something fleeting, something which you might lose. And thats when it remains precious. You have to let me feel the pain of you not being there, and let me have the chance of missing you. Give me the chance to call you.”.

Someday….She had to tell him. “Don’t call me everyday, because I want to love you forever”.


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