Deep darkness..

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Each day I can see myself die
Just a little each day,
Losing the sparkle in my eye
Just a little each day,
No, I dare not think of it,
for fear I will just sit and cry,
So I smile with my honey lips
The smile of a ghost, who was
dead long ago,
Died in the monotony of everyday chores
and dishes to be washed,
and daily dinners and lunches,
There was no time to live,
to paint the beautiful skies,
in colors of blue, and yellow and gold,
There was only the boiling pot,
of meat, and potatoes and beans,
rice and tomatoes and spices,
colors of brown, red, and green,
They washed each day away,
and ushered in the darkness,
The moon was just a ghostly light,
Not to be looked at for long,
With smiling eyes, hands touched by warm hands,
Yes, I die each day little by little,
Each day the same as the day past,
The colors are gone to the faraway land
of smiles, and laughter, and sunshine,
and I can only see them, when I sleep
my darkest sleep, one day.


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