Toxic world

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After finishing my gym, I was thinking, now I should be meeting someone, and be having a cup of coffee and have some interesting conversation, or maybe I could just pick up the phone and call someone and we can talk. Well, its the middle of the day, and during that time of the day, one cannot talk. Talking is restricted, compartmentalized. We live in a world which is fuelled by greed. The Greedy owners, and the equally greedy employees, who want to be in their good books by working hard and harder, so that they don’t lose their jobs, so that they can be in the best of the companies and earn the highest salary. A toxic world where there is no time for people to converse. There is barely some time to talk to your spouse, and then lower down the ladder, children, and even lower friends. People starting for work at 6:30 AM and coming home at 6:30 PM. Weekends are piled up with thinking about how to catch up with pending work. No real peace. Pretended laughter. Fake parties. Fuzzed, overworked toxic brains. How long will we continue with this world where companies have basically reduced people to paid “slaves”. With no time for fellow humans. No time to converse or talk. People dont care about that anymore. Talking? Waste of time. Its a toxic, greedy world.


2 thoughts on “Toxic world

    paully said:
    March 7, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    Well said.

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