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Hey how are you today?? No, don’t answer that cos I already know the answer. Are you thinking why your husband or boyfriend left the home without saying bye? Or why your wife or girlfriend slept on while you crept out of the house at early dawn to catch the bus or train to work? Did you listen to your favorite song while sipping your coffee which you got from Dunkin’s while driving or just idly gazing at the trees on a train? And when you reached your workplace did you just start working and kept out all these thoughts about why noone cares, or noone loves you? Yet, when the day was done, there they were again, the feelings of being alone without a soul to connect with….Did you stare at the faces online, on FB, on Instagram, your favorite singers, actors, and tried to see if you could connect with someone? And yet you felt no, noone really cares. If yes, I thought maybe I should let you know, I am thinking of you today, and I am wondering how you are. And wondering if you are feeling loved and cared for..dont become a stone and cry today if you feel like…

Sending my love to this world…loving the world..and its people today….and you out there…connect with someone today…care for somene or some event which happened…dont be a stone…share your feelings, your heart or maybe just your food, :)…


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