The 100 Ghosts

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This is a poem I wrote for those guys out there…who flit from one woman to the next…never finding peace..never finding the one who they can call their soul mate…

Those 100 women, they were not women,
they were the ghosts
of 100 desires, of 100 sighs, of 100 unsaid words,
I searched for those 100 ghosts in your eyes,
and they were such pretty eyes,
but could I find peace at last in those pretty black eyes,
and rest those ghosts who haunted me, and allured me,
or those ghosts would tempt me forever,
and haunt me and taunt me,
nay sometimes I think I will win, and I will drive
them away, but night falls again, and they
come back to torment me, and eat away my soul,
and I succumb again to those 100 ghosts and my
own inner demons…I lose yet again..and again..and again…


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