What do you want?

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A digression from my usual “love-related” posts.. ha ha…

What if its not just one thing? What if you want, really “want” to do many things? Is it possible to sing, dance, write, paint, be a great scientist or engineer, play guitar? The other day I was watching a TED talk asking, “What do you want?”…and then after some inspirational words and a lot more, she goes on to say, “whats keeping you? Go and get it.”. This question however begs another question. Is it just one thing or multiple things? Why does it have to be just that “one” thing? For me it has always been multiple things which I could do well and could have continued to do well, until society, parents, friends, told me that it can’t be done. You have to choose. But this TED talk, made me revisit this question and then it dawned on me…that this question, is precisely what has stopped me from pursuing the “all” the things I love to do, because I thought multiple things cannot be achieved. I dont know if it can be achieved but from today I have decided to try an experiment.

Instead of watching 3 hours of TV, Netflix, FB, Youtube, I am actually going to split that time to write (not to read), to sing (not to watch others singing), to paint. There are 16 hours in a day….16 whole hours!! What was stopping me?? I can do THIS and I can also do THAT! So will start from today and will post again about how I am doing with this experiment!

And what do you think, my friends, can it be done? Can we be good, and “really good” at two things, or even three, if we just divide up our time each day doing it, instead of wasting time over TV and other sundry If you have thoughts to share on this, would love to get some ideas from you too!


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