Beautiful kite….I am letting you go today.

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A note of love lost I wrote to someone I love, who never loved me back, and which

I never sent…Its a note of misery and failure, and loserdom, yet its honest and so

I share it.

I want to be the girl who you call everyday, who you talk to when you need to unburden

about the day. I wait for you everyday, to call or message me, or some sign that you

are still there for me, but everyday comes and passes by with no message for you.

After days if I write back, yes, you write back to me, but then if I don’t, the days just

keep passing by. I am tired or waiting for you, tired of waiting for a day which will never

come. Ah, I know perhaps you are sickening and almost about to throw up at this blatant

statement of my misery, as I feel like when someone who loves me and I don’t love,

professes his love for me, but have patience for some more time, and at least do me the

honor of reading through my misery. Sometimes, I wish you would be kind enough to put

the bullet to my head and shoot me, saying that you are not there for me anymore,

and will never be, but maybe I don’t even deserve that kindness. So I am putting the bullet to

my head and letting go of you in my mind. Oh, the horrors of unrequited love, nothing reeks more

of hell than that, putrid and miserable.

You were my kite, my beautiful, beloved kite, and I thought

I would fly with you, but I guess you just kept tugging and my hands are too tired

to hold on, so I am cutting the string today, and watch you fly away to an unknown

horizon, never to return. I look at you till I can see you no more, and then I walk back,

lighter, free, sadder and yet happy for you. I will always love you, my kite and I hope

you find peace and happiness. Me, I have the string which once bound you to me, and

thats the piece of you, I have, the broken piece, to remind me that you were once there,

and yet not there. I love you.


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