Interstellar…My thoughts

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Watched Interstellar today. What an awesome movie, though it got a bit kinky may I say, towards the end. Whats with the fifth dimension? I know that in string theory we have more than 3 dimensions, but really one cannot even begin to describe it physically. Then the concept of time dilation in relativity is something I can’t get my head around though I know quite a bit about it mathematically. Is it just the finite speed of light which is responsible for the effect, or is it a real phenomenon? I am still not sure. And the concept of the wormhole. How do you curve space time and what is a gravitational anomaly. I am still learning more about these concepts. Hopefully will get there some day. And really, how do you survive a blackhole? I thought the gravity is so intense there, you would be stretched out to a string. But then a movie is a movie is a movie…Loved the graphics. The water planet was awesome, imagine a planet made of only water..and those giant waves…oh my!! I do like Christopher Nolan’s directional style, very raw and authentic. Overall I would give the movie a B+ and 4 stars. But worth a watch. And definitely freshens up ones mind and is inspiring…


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