Take care…

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Take care of yourself. Your body. Your soul. Spend some time pampering and caring for your body and it will be with you for a long time. Stop feeding it junk foods. Give it something which will help it thrive. Eat an egg for breakfast, eat some fish, eat chopped salad. Proteins help your hair remain healthy even until late in age. Drink a class of milk. Have a cup of yogurt. Don’t reach for that easy cookie, biscuit and donuts. Get your bum off the chair and make some healthy food for yourself. When you shower, don’t be rude to your hair. Wipe it gently with a towel, dont rub it harshly, and it will continue to flow like a beautiful river. Remember to take care of yourself everyday, and take time out to take care of your body. And some time for your soul.. If you want to live healthy get rid of all prepared foods. Thats what I did. When I need to eat, I need to get up and make something for myself. Thats all you need to be healthy. So make that change and take care…Everyone out there.


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