Going it Alone

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Ok, so I have been feeling miserable wondering how to cope up with a life where no one asks me whether I have eaten? How was my day? I dont have any messages in my FB Inbox for days, the guy who used to like me has finally stopped troubling me, the guy I used to like has found someone new, my girlfriends are busy with their husbands or other girlfriends richer and more interesting than me, my husband thinks I am not much of a success so he doesn’t take my advice and makes his own professional and personal decisions, in which I have no part, sometimes I feel useless, as if noone really needs me, and so here I am in my miserable cocoon, wondering what I should be doing next?

Yes, I am having fun with my kids, teaching them things, taking them out, but there comes a time when you crave genuine adult empathy. And seriously, I have none of it right now. So, I kept wondering what I could do and the answer was to pamper myself and do things I love. Like learning a new song, or watching a movie I like, or listening to my favorite songs for an hour, while taking breaks from my work. So, for the next few days, I am going it alone.

Me, myself and Me. Alone. and Happy. Love to all lonely wives and girlfriends out there.



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