Do we seek pain?

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Sometimes I feel we seek out pain and sadness in our lives, because it is necessary for us to keep going. To feel we are missing someone. Even if we had a perfect marriage, a perfect husband, a home full of laughter and love, at some point, there is this nagging feeling, is there all there is to it? Or is there someone out there we don’t know? Who we are supposed to know. Then we meet someone, who we really like, because we we are seeking that someone, and then at some point we have to part, and the pain of missing him, keeps life new for us, something to look forward to, someone to miss, someone, we perhaps may see again. Everyday we wake up and think of a special someone. When we sleep at night we think of him/her. Our hearts feel pained, and bring tears to our eyes, yet it is this pain which keeps us alive.

Strange but true….This is what I have felt many times. Sometimes we may get close to someone but its not really someone whom we want to be close to all our lives. Yet sometimes, that someone may continue to pine for you without realising that he/she has nothing to give you anymore. I always feel like telling them, that let every instant or moments live for itself. Not everyone can be part of your life forever. That person would then continue to write love sick poems dropping hints about his misery on Facebook to my great annoyance… It has also happened the other way round that someone I really liked just moved away when we were apart and forgot me. In those times, I always introspect and try to find out what was lacking in me that I could not make the other person happy enough. And mostly I am able to get the answer. If the other person was way more interesting than us, then it means we had nothing to offer and should not expect that he/she with stick to us. To him, I was simply put, boring. It does not mean I am boring to someone else. But we should not go on pining for someone with whom for certain real reasons which we perhaps cannot see, we did not click. When we do that, I tihnk its just a crutch, and we just seek out pain, because we need a purpose to go on living.

So to those people who can’t let bygones be bygones, I believe you just want to live in misery because it gives you some purpose to live. Without it, you wouldn’t have anything to live for. I would rather look ahead and look forward to a new purpose to life. 🙂

In my blog, I try to express some emotions we all perhaps feel but cant say openly. If some of it sounds strange, naive or you dont agree with it, I would appreciate your comments, critique, and your honest opinion. Would not mind at all. So, feel free to leave your comments even if they are negative.


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