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Dear Friend,

Today you wanted to talk to me. So you messaged me. This is the first time that you have messaged me. You asked “Is it still stormy there?”. I said, “No, it is sunny”.

I talk to you everyday during my morning runs, at night when I go to sleep. But, I have been avoiding chatting with you because I miss you too much. Also, because we have no future together. And moreover I dont want you to fall in love with me.

I asked if you still have the poem you showed me on your cell. You said you lost the cell. And so the poem. I was sad. “:(“, I said. You laughed. And said that you may have a copy and that you would scan and send it to me, if you find it. You said, Actually you even forgot what the poem was about. I said it was about the Moon and the Tiger. You said, “That is sweet of you to remember”. I thought, “How could I forget?”. You are so important to me, and that was a beautiful poem.

Then, I told you about the poem I wrote and you wanted to see it. I said “It was too depressive”. You said, “Nothing that is expressive can be depressive”. I said I needed courage to send it to you. You said, “You dont need courage to send anything to me, just an internet connection”. You said you really wanted to read what I wrote. I said, “Ok, I trust you will understand my poem. I will send it to you.”

But I feel afraid to send it..What if you don’t like it? But…I will…One day.


One thought on “Chat about poems and other things…

    manishabnrj responded:
    July 7, 2014 at 8:32 pm

    Thanks for liking friends…And sharing my journey…

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