Dont wait for me

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Dont wait for me anymore, my friend.

For the time is gone,

The moment that was, is already was.

It exists no more.


The sunny evening was yellow,

Yellow roads and yellow tree,

You said you loved me,

You said it once, you said it thrice.

And I said, I did too.

But it wasn’t true, it was never meant to be.


Not the love that I wanted,  Not…

the heat that burns your soul.

I watched you smile, I smiled too.

And for another day, I let it be.

Let it be for I knew that someday

I had to let it go for it was not to be.


I loved him that loved her.

And that her was not me,

My heart was empty, I could not say,

My love was already taken.

So, my friend, so I let it be.


Now I am faraway my friend

and I never write to you,

You wonder why,

And I wonder why,

Why he never writes to me.


Dont wait for me, my friend,

I cannot give what you seek.

I have no love,

For I was never yours,

I am his,

But whose, I never was.


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