In the meantime

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In the meantime, snow gave away to spring,

While I stood waiting

Hark is that a step I hear, but no…

Somewhere there were people talking

Only they seem to be faraway

So faraway, they seem to be ghosts.


In the meantime, the sky turned a russet red,

While I stood waiting,

No the phone did not ring,

And the silence was louder than ever,

The sky turned darker, and yet another day

passed away.


In the meantime, children got ready for the school,

While I stood waiting,

There was no news of you,

You had forgotten me? Indeed?

But what did it matter indeed? for what was I?


In the meantime, everything was colored rainbow,

while the clock ticked on,

children laughed and played,

the cars went racing on grey roads,

And I kept waiting for that voice which said :


“Do you like to get wet in the rain?”



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