Immigrants are second class residents

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Equal opportunities are bullshit. Equal opportunities exist only in your own country, and for a country like India, not only in your own country, but in your own state. The world is divided into fragments based on the way you speak, the way you look, what you think about, what you like to eat, which sports you are involved in. Nobody cares for actual work.

And equal opportunities in America are non-existent for immigrants. Highly skilled, highly educated Indians find themselves languishing in jobs which are not at par with their skills. Indians, chinese, most immigrants in general. We are just second class citizens.

And thinking from the perspective of native americans, why shouldn’t we be treated as such? After all, what have Indians contributed to the world? Very less, compared to countries like Europe, or England and so on. Indians were losers with their soft hearts, losers to allow themselves to be conquered. But whatever may be the case, the world does not look at excuses. They don’t care that a whole nation was colonised and systematically eroded. Bottom line is we have made no significant contribution to innovation. Yes, we have been workers : engineers, doctors, IT software engineers. But innovation? No. We don’t figure in that. So, we live like second class citizens, struggling for jobs, or taking up jobs beneath our educational standing or our capabilities. We are paying for the sins and the laziness of our forefathers. Even if we work hard all our lives, were among the top 10% in our own country, once we step out of it, we are worthless.

Why am I complaining? I am complaining because, I expect more from America. I expect that there should be some country which is truly honest. I thought this country was so, but I was wrong. Somewhere underneath the veneer of honesty, there is a rot. A rot which is growing, or perhaps it was always there.


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