Why I left Facebook…And why you should too…..

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Everyone is looking for instant gratification, like sugar which gives us instant energy and yet is so harmful for us. Facebook is like that. We post pictures, quotes, other news about ourselves to get a few words of praise and feel happy in our being..our “being” in this world. Everyone wants to be praised. Everyone wants to feel special. In workplaces, we feel proud when we are commended for our work or when we achieve something, yet that does not happen everyday, so Facebook fills that void. But then one gets addicted to it, like I did. We work hard and continue to work hard in order to gratify ourselves or others once the task is achieved and then when people appreciate us, we feel good about it, have a sense of achievement. Yet it should not come easy. I realised that what I was looking for in Facebook, or what it has become is really a place where you search for instant gratification. And this made me lazy, made me stop working, made me stop thinking, writing, reading, using the faculties which were gifted to me. One day it dawned on me, that just like smoking and alcohol, Facebook is an addiction and it needs to stop. I am writing about it, in the hope that others will also return to the real world. The real world of putting yourselves to use, the real world of hard work, the real world of making real friends, looking at the real sky, the real sea, and not just some virtual pictures on Facebook. Happy working friends…I quit Facebook…so should you…


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