My Mom…When you left me.

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Mom, I looked at the world through your eyes,

I still do, You live inside me, You are not gone,

Now I know, there was never a me, there was only you,

And there was a bit of me inside, but it was merged with you,

And I am a bit of you and a bit of me,

I hear the songs of the age bygone, and live there.

I never lived in this world, because I lived with you,

In your world, in your hopes, and your dreams,

And now that you are no more, I look at this world,

Without you, my world, a new world.

I have to find my way again, though I am lost,

I held your hands for so long, and one day you took them away,

I saw you go, and I could do nothing, I let you go,

And my tears dropped like they would never stop,

And every night was blacker than it was,

And every day was greyer than it was,

And now I know that you left yourself inside me…

And that what is me…is just a bit of me…and rest is all you.


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